dimanche 3 avril 2011


I introduce urban art by Street Art, a famous and international artistic movement. I’ve chosen two representative artists: Banksy and Miss-tic. They are both known for their stencils.


Banksy is a pioneer of Street Art, he comes from Great Britain and lives in USA. His stencils style is well known and he has inspired a whole generation of street artists. He literally became an international icon of Street Art.

By using city walls as a medium, he shares messages. Indeed, Banksy still combines political and humoristic tones. The street is the best place to make people who never go to the museum aware. Citizens are spectators and street art is a way to awareness people who never goes to museums.


Miss-tic is a French poet and artist. She is famous by her Parisian stencils. Since 1985, she has painted by night feminine figures. She always combines a sentence with a picture. She recently made exhibitions and published a number of books.

Miss-Tic is an engaged artist, she writes poems and sometimes she shares feminist thought or polictic ideas.

Miss-Tic gives women a place of honnour.
She shows us feminine beauty. Provocation has become her signature.

WHY IS STREET ART A SUCCESS? What about Banksy and Miss-tic?

Both artists keep their real identity and faces unknown, they act like outlaws.
In this way, they have a “super hero” side. We imagine Banksy at night on a roof, his ladder on one hand, his paint spray on the other hand. Misstic is also a masked women, she creates herself a sexy-mystic-femme fatale image with the character she always paints. She is perhaps as sexy as Cat Woman ! Overall, they both denounce politic and social situations.

In my opinion, Street Art success is linked with the creation process. They are true rebels. When you see a huge stencil on the front of a building, you think “God, how he did that? How is that possible the police didn’t saw anything while he was painting?”. We love Street Art because of the rebellious dimension.

You are spectator but you can become an artist whenever you want. It seems to be so easy  to buy a spray and to paint anything onto the nearest wall. The distance between the work of art and the man of everyday is very thin. Indeed, you are not in a museum, you are in your street, the one of your hairdresser or your grand-mother's home!

The street creation gives to the works a particular statute, they are “works in progress”.
Time, weather, human degradations, adds of other artists… make the works in a permanent evolution. The degradation makes part of their artistic approach.

So, street artists create together, they share walls and sometimes their works meet.

The works are ephemeral, you easily can pull a sticker or cover a stencil! As an advertising in the street, their works may have a very short life. In this sense, street Art can be a reply to advertisings.


The street creation is ambiguous because it is often considered as a degradation. A wall is not a public thing, by this way graphitties are often seen as ugly words written on walls by nasty young delinquents.

Where is the frontier between degradation and Street Art ?

It maybe depends on the viewer’s point of view, his preferences. According to me we have to consider the artist’s approach. Has he got deep views on our society? What are his inspirations? Is there any emotion shown through the work?

Art is everywhere! I’ve even heard about tours of Paris focus on Street Art! You can rediscover your city!

4 commentaires:

  1. I'm living in a district full of Miss Tic ! So if you want to see some stencils, you can go for a walk around the Butte aux cailles (13e, Paris).
    Enjoy !

  2. Concerning your last point, I suppose stencils are always a damage to the urban environment as they are drawn on non public spaces (walls, billboards...) as well as public ones. Those on invading billboards should be just more numerous...
    Despite the artistic feature stencils represent, shouldn't they be temporary in order to make way to new interpretations of art after some while?

  3. I love both of these artists and got to meet Miss-tic at a bookstore in Montreuil at Christmas. She is actually not an outlaw at all as she was arrested very young and said if she is caught again then she would have to pay a €10,000 fine which she is not prepared to do. In fact, all the other artists I met there: Mesnager, Jef Graphito, etc said the same thing; they now ask for authorization. Banksy is probably still an outlaw, though...

    Corrections: known for, in the USA, his stencil style, city walls, the best place to make people who never go to museums aware, she has painted, a number of books, gives women a place of honor, feminine beauty, in this way, in my opinion (not according to me), grandmother's home, create together, words written on, the viewer's point of view,

  4. Apart of the last advert for Ucar ! http://entrepreneur-ggsb.wikispaces.com/file/view/UCAR.jpg/116730709/UCAR.jpg
    Sometimes Street-art goes in a wrong way... even if your engaged.

    And for banksy the problem is people around this men.. his art has became an tourism industry... selling selling selling.. but he seems to stay on the other hand of the temptation.

    Money, when will you stop perverting art?