mardi 29 mars 2011

Hi !

This blog is dedicated to Urban Art. 

Nowadays, Impossible to walk down the street without running into tracks of street art. The city has become the raw material of young artists. Art is everywhere and has become interactive and understandable to everybody.
As you know, street art can take different forms like graffiti, stencils, mosaics or stickers.
I want to meditate with you about a larger definition of urban art: all the works of art that use the City as a medium. I include into “Urban Art” several works of Land Art, Architecture, Sculpture, Facility and even some Commemorative Monuments. Indeed, art is everywhere and every time!
What is the limit between ornamentation and art? 

What is the statute of these ephemeral works of art?  
Can everybody create? Is there joint creation?
Tell me what do you think about these ephemeral works of art !


4 commentaires:

  1. A nice beginning. You're piqued our curiosity and got us thinking.
    Corrections: It is impossible to walk down the street, the raw material, understandable by, stencils, mosaics, or (facilities???), Can everybody create?

  2. wow, i'm really impressed by human creation. looking forward to your following entries.

  3. You want to meditate with me ? YOU WANT TO MEDITATE WITH ME ?!
    okay, I believe everyone can create, art is everywhere and there is no limit between ornamentation and art........ surprise me!!

  4. It can be nice sometimes to see reality in other sides when this reality is confronted to art,see it more virtually, but not too much at the risk to loose yourself in see what I mean Pierre???